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        White Paper

        Blockchain White Paper (2018)

        As an integrated innovation of peer-to-peer networks, cryptography, consensus mechanisms, and smart contracts, Blockchain provides a trusted channel for information and value transfer in untrusted networks. At present, the application of...
        CAICT Insight on ICT

        CAICT Insight on ICT-2018

        Currently, integrated innovation of ICTs is unprecedentedly active, which historically converges with the strategic requirement of high-quality economic development in the new era. CAICT has made rich achievements in research on major st...
        Reports & Statistics

        China Mobile Phone Market Report January, 2019

        January domestic mobile phone shipments reached 34.0 million units, down 12.8 percent year over year. 32 new models were released in the month, down 37.3 percent year-over-year (y/y).

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